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Dhamma vs Dharma

"History of India is nothing but the conflict between Buddhism and Brahmanism" - Dr. Ambedkar

Dhamma vs Dharma

Why does the religion, has the basis of myths?? What kind of history splitted amongst good and evil???

Who are the gods?? Who are the devils?? Is there any proof They really existed???

Existed the humans, in the form of races, Whose cultures and lifestyles, were turned into hierarchy.

The fear of religion, The superstitions and the myths, are the false way of living, challenged a revolutionary.

Feared the hegemony, by the enlightenment, buried the truth and the teachings Conspiracy of religion, in form of rituals and festivals turned the mind into slavery.

Revived the democracy, with the unstoppable wheel of Dhamma Inscribed truths, and teachings came known to the world through the rock edicts of Ashoka.

There is nothing good nor evil. Its all about the neverending conflict between The Dhamma versus the Dharma.

What ristricts your questions and reasoning. and compels you to follow the religion Is the Dharma, What gives you freedom to reason with the belief of living the life with Wisdom, Morality and Compassion Is the Dhamma.


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