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What rights you want to talk about?? Who is there to listen?? Judiciary has became the puppet, of the so called government.

Whether you talk about demonetization, or the recent repealing of Article 370, We forgot, majority chose the dictators, who decided on such impositions.

Within a day, laws come into effect, challenging your fundamental rights, minorities, dalits, tribals, women and social activists, are struggling to fight.

If in a day a government can impose law and pass the bills. Why don't they choose to end poverty and crime? Why citizens are struggling, in their daily life??

What about the mob lynchings? What about the rapes?? What is the fault of Kashmiri children in custody?? What about the peaceful protestors whom they take??

Economy has fallen, development is at stake, The government and judiciary, oppress the citizens. Still "Everything is fine" in several languages the Prime Minister says??

Dear citizens, take your stand, before you loose your rights, Revolution struggles for the freedom, Revolt against the imposed Nationalism and unite.


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