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The Conspiracy

The Conspiracy
The Conspiracy

Unconstitutional measure,

amendment takes place,

nationwide protests,

several lives at stake.

What is this fight for?

What is the reality??

All over the country,

Why so much causalities?

Is it just about a religion?

or about the castes?

is it about any culture?

let me ask.

CAB, CAA are merely just steps,

Violating the constitution,

Formation of NRC,

Your citizenship at risk.

Divide and rule,

excluding a religion,

gained the sympathy,

of the Bhakts and illegal immigrants.

Look back in the history of Assam,

implementation of NRC,

Several unproven citizens,

irrespective of their religion,

are going through detention.

What is the future,

of the unproven citizenship of citizens??

irrespective of their religion,

their identity.

My country is secular,

My country is democratic,

still people in rural areas,

several castes and tribes are uneducated.

What is the proof of ancestral citizenship?

of affected in natural calamities?

of those uneducated, who never understood

the importance of maintaining documents?

The conspiracy of the fascist government,

Aims for the hindu nationalism.

Detaining the minorities,

representing the casteism.

This is the time for the fight, for the revolt,

to be conscious, and unite for all.

Stand against the Manuwad,

or the nation will fall.

Protests are needed, what more needed

is the legal procedure and understanding of law.

as 'Article 32' of the Indian constitution,

provides the constitutional remedies.


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