• Mitra Swayamdeep

The Modern Discrimination

The game has changed,

Now, roll the dice..

Your new identity..

Is still been denied...

You talk about Education?

You talk about Human Rights?

We still live in the society..

Where your existence is denied..

No matter your success..

No matter your talent..

You can't change the truth...

Which was left behind...

It's in the roots...

Of dominance, of privileged..

Your struggles, your fight...

Might lead to genocide...

Gender, Race or Caste

Let it be Religion or your Class

There will be struggle for equity..

And the war of minds...

We are far from the Enlightened India,

It can be formed with change in minds..

The fear, the greed, the jealousy

Can your really deny???

Only then..

You might eradicate...

The modern discrimination

By being rational with a conscious mind...

The cost of the game is high..

Nothing is important than your life..

Stay strong, long live revolution..

Rise with pride, Rise with smiles..

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