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Welcome to 'The Sentient Being'.

My name is Mitra Swayamdeep,  I am an illustrator and a poet. I have studied Bachelor's in Social Work with specialization in Rural Development from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Tuljapur) and have done several internships in NGOs like ActionAid (New Delhi), Smile Foundation (Mumbai), Manuski (Pune), Center for Learning Resources (Pune). I have been volunteering at Metta (Maitri) Sangha since 2008. My approach towards life is to gain knowledge, be creative and to be rational towards others.

The idea of 'The Sentient Being' came when I started writing poems on mind, nature (human/environment) as well as about the contemporary issues in the society and representing the idea through digital art.

I want to raise questions in the minds of readers, and develop critical thinking as it is very necessary for a responsible citizen. I exhibit my artwork and poems in events, if you wish to invite me you can write me at

I hope you like my poems, as well as my digital art. Feel free to communicate, and consider promoting my work through social media, and by purchasing merchandise from the shop.

With Metta,

Mitra Swayamdeep

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