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Welcome to 'The Sentient Being.'

I'm Mitra Swayamdeep, an illustrator and poet with a Bachelor's in Social Work specializing in Rural Development from Tata Institute of Social Sciences (Tuljapur). My journey includes internships with NGOs like ActionAid, Smile Foundation, Manuski, and the Center for Learning Resources.

My life philosophy revolves around gaining knowledge, fostering creativity, and approaching others with rationality.

'The Sentient Being' was born from my passion for writing poems on the mind, nature, and contemporary societal issues, expressed through digital art.

I aim to spark questions and cultivate critical thinking, essential for responsible citizenship. You can find my artwork and poems at events, and for invitations, reach out to

Enjoy reading my poems and illustrations. Feel free to connect, share my work on social media, and explore the merchandise in the shop.


With Metta,

Mitra Swayamdeep

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