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A Journey of Transformation towards 'The Sentient Being'- A Play

'Manavta ki aur Agrasar'- Ek Natak

Years have passed yet another new year has begun. We all call ourselves human, yet do we act like humans? What makes us different? What makes us special?

Can you vow to practice this year and lifetime what these kids present through their performance?

Presenting a small play, on how to be a Sentient Being.

Bhante Suniti took a session on 'Buddhism and Science' for children on the second day of a 3-Day Dhamma Camp, and as a part of an activity, the idea of playing this as an act was born. The act was created in a short span of two hours after the session and was presented at Siddharth Buddha Vihar on 24th December 2022. It was organized by people from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Colony and New Mahatma Phule Colony, Bhojapur Bhandara. Special Thanks to the kids for preparing and showing interest to act in the play, and also to Ranjit bhaiya for organizing such an event.


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