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Manusmriti Dahan (When? Why? How?) - A Play

Presenting a small play on why when and how Manusmriti was burned. The act was created in a short span of two hours and presented on the last day of a 3-Day Dhamma Camp at Siddharth Buddha Vihar on 25th December 2022. It was organized by people from Mahatma Jyotiba Phule Colony and New Mahatma Phule Colony, Bhojapur Bhandara. Special Thanks to the kids for preparing and showing interest to act in the play, and also to Ranjit bhaiya for organizing such an event. This is the 2nd play of the event, a video of another play will be coming soon. Stay Tuned.

P.S. There have been two small mistakes in the final act of the play. First Ambedkar didn't hold 'The Constitution of India' during the Manusmriti Dahan event, and secondly, as there was no preparation for costumes, the same attire as Manu (Sumati Bhargav) was showcased for the role of Gangadhar Sahasrabuddhe, though he was a Brahmin he didn't wear the attire of a saint, he was a social activist and a close friend of Dr. Ambedkar.


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