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A dream to Columbia

Why should I struggle??

Why should I fight??

It's not my duty,

Not my right.

There is a dream of education,

A desire to rise,

Why everyone wants to be wealthy,

Just to survive???

What about the struggles of Ambedkar??

What about his fights for your rights??

Would you have survived in the dung of casteist life??

The privileged are we,

born in an Independent India,

He provided us the democracy,

And gave the fundamental rights.

He went to London,

He went to Columbia,

Mastered in Economy and many,

But was a Master of mind.

Determined was his aim,

For an enlightened India,

Sent students abroad for education,

To make a better India.

Yet not stopped his struggle,

His revolution, and fight,

He embraced Buddhism,

and Enlightened millions of lives.

He is the answer,

Why you need to struggle,

and why you need to fight.

As he said,

Educate, Agitate and Organise.

Struggle for your duties,

Fight for your rights,

There is Ambedkar in you,

Have a dream to Columbia.

Study abroad, and struggle for enlighten India.

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