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The Three Vowels

"Educate, Agitate and Organize" - Dr. B R Ambedkar

We live, we survive, we die,

What is the meaning,

What is the

purpose of life?

A journey of struggles for some,

Or a challenge to strive,

We all have our own stories,

But what mark are we leaving behind?

What have we learnt from history,

Or the mythology or the stories?

Is being morally right enough?

To have successful, complete life?

Living for self,

or for friends and family,

Is that only the purpose of life?

Apart from that,

Do we really have any responsibilities?

Is religion merely a tool for betterment of individual?

Or it visions a better society?

We tend to protect the religion,

And we forget the humanity.

We are bound to the society,

No matter how independent or different we are,

We are interlinked irrespective of the differences,

and thus, we have the responsibility,

to pay back to the society.

"The battle to me is a matter full of joy in the fullest sense

spiritual. There is nothing material or sordid in it.

For ours is a battle, not for wealth or for power.

It is a battle for freedom."

Ambedkar said before giving the slogan,

Educate, Agitate and Organize.

Educate (e) Agitate (a) and Organize (o)

Are not just random words,

Or some revolutionary war cry,

If you get deeper understanding into the slogan,

You will find they are the vowels FOR life.

Birth provides no reason for an existence,

We ourselves have to find the purpose,

Not just as an individual,

Or with friends and family,

We must be socially responsible.

Educate, Agitate and Organize.

The Three Vowels

'Educate, Agitate and Organize' the slogan has long history in socialism and politics. We were introduced to it by Dr. Ambedkar with the formation of Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha in 1924, an organization which focused on the grievances of Depressed Classes, it also has a motive to develop socio-political awareness and economic growth. Dr. Ambedkar later on the anniversary of Bahishkrit Hitkarni Sabha presented the slogan with a speech in All India Depressed Classes Conference at Nagpur in the year 1942.

Despite being used earlier as a socio-political call, its history is deep rooted in "Buddhism".

'Educated, Agitate and Organize' is nothing else but 'Buddha, Dhamma and Sangha'. Where Buddha is not the person, it's the knowledge, the principles. Dhamma not being the religion but the practice of teachings like panchasila, four noble truth, eightfold path, etc, and Sangha not being just the order of monks or nuns, but our unity as a community.

We being born, at times loose our purpose, or it is never defined. We live by societal norms as an individual or into relationships, but this slogan gives us the purpose to connect us with the society, to stand and to rise, to make the life worthy for the greater good. Just like vowels which are necessary for the speech, without them there cannot be words, songs, speeches, etc. Educate (E), Agitate (A), Organize (O) are the vowels FOR life, it depends on us what words, songs we write utilizing these vowels.

The Three Vowels thus is a registered enterprise with a dream to continue the legacy of our ideals focusing on economic growth alongside rationality. The products are manufactured, distributed under the name 'The Three Vowels Enterprises'.

With Metta 🩵


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