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The Reflection

"I want all people to be Indians first, Indian last and nothing else but Indians." - Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar

Look into the mirror,

Ask thyself...

Does Constitutional values and duties,

reflect into your own selves?

Is being Nationalist enough?

Or does one need to be patriotic?

To embed the values in self,

To see ourselves reflected.

What's the point of the love?

Or the patriotism towards the nation?

When we don't even understand...

What it means to be a citizen.

Why do we celebrate our national identity,

Only on national occasions/celebrations??

When we pride ourselves,

Of belonging to a caste or a religion...

When we pride ourselves,

Of belonging to a certain gender, or a region.

We call out others,

For not being true to the nation...

But are we ourselves true/honest towards the nation??

Constitution state...

If you are born in India,

You are an Indian citizen...

If your parents are born in India,

You are an Indian citizen...

But is it enough to be the citizen??

Why are we just limited to the Preamble of the Constitution?

Is it enough, to show that we understand the Constitution?

When will we take a step to understand,

Fundamental Rights and Fundamental Duties of the citizens?

We forget, what it means to be free...

what is the meaning of freedom...

We freely violate the law,

We freely violate the values of the Constitution.

We fail to understand,

There are limitations to the freedom.

Fundamental Rights are not just for oneself...

but personal to each and every citizen...

When we avail freedom,

We have no right to violate/obstruct someone else's right and freedom.

We have respected our flag, our national anthem...

But have we ever respected our Constitution?

Ask yourself are religious scriptures or caste identity greater than the constitution?

We respect the ideals who fought for the nation's independence.

But have we ourselves contributed for the sovereignty, unity, integrity of the nation?

We pollute our own roads, our own nature...

We damage public property in the name of communal riots, we enjoy violence.

Why do we call ourselves,

nationalist or patriotic?

When we don't even understand

Fundamental Duties being a citizen.

We lack in harmony,

We lack in the brotherhood...

We are still divided amongst ourselves...

And we pledge.

'We the people...'

We don't need to be nationalist...

To prove the love for the nation,

We don't need to be patriotic...

To prove ourselves as the citizen...

We need to understand fundamental rights...

Not just for self but for others...

We need to follow fundamental duties stated in the constitution.

Unless we read and abide by the constitution...

We won't be the citizen.

We need to be the reflection of our constitution.

Happy Constitution Day 💙


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