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The Greater Good

What does a nation ask from you?

What do you pay back?

What is the greater good?

For you, and for the nation?

We identify as communities every day,

we identify by religions,

Why do only national holidays,

are a reminder to act as a citizen?

Unity in diversity we say,

Yet, divided are we,

in the name of gender, caste, class, religion.

Why do we then pledge?

'We the People'

Government is merely a body,

for the people, for the nation.

Since, when did we accept?

Government itself as a nation?

The puppetry of politics,

has blinded the citizens,

We are only the vote banks,

In the name of development.

Have we been drifted away?

From the greater good of our Nation?

Or have become so selfish in terms of identity?

We have forgotten our purpose,

The purpose given by the Constitution.

No matter who is in the power

Divide and rule will always be the bullet,

To threaten the democracy,

Cultural diversity is protected by the Constitution,

With Equality, Liberty, Fraternity and Justice.

People have the power,

to elect, to decide the leaders,

People have the power,

To demand the greater good for them, for the nation.

Citizen is equal to the nation,

We together are the nation.

Unified development,

Eradicating discrimination,

Eradicating hunger, poverty, unemployment,

Is the greater good for the nation.

Republic Day is not just a national celebration,

It is the celebration of citizen's power,

Don't celebrate it for the sake of patriotism or nationalism,

Celebrate unitedly, celebrate yourself, with the power of Constitution.

Happy Republic Day!


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