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"Though, I was born a Hindu, I couldn't help the fact but I solemnly assure you that I will not die as a Hindu." -Dr. Ambedkar (13th October 1935 at Yeola, Nashik)

Though born as a Hindu,

One denied to die as a Hindu,

Who was Ambedkar?

Who shook the brahmanical system?

He struggled, he cried,

Though strangled in the castiest oppression.

He was Ambedkar,

Who didn't stop, and continued his fight.

He knew the weapons,

Education, and the power of the pen.

He was Ambedkar,

The highest qualified.

He studied, he strived,

Sacrificed his own children for several downtrodden,

He was Ambedkar,

A revolutionary, selfless from inside.

He challenged the inequalities,

Questioned the societal norms and rituals,

He was Ambedkar,

The leader of voiceless (Mooknayak).

He became the first law minister,

Debated and fought for human rights.

He was Ambedkar,

The chief architect of the Indian Constitution.

He wrote, he delivered,

The knowledge he earned,

He was Ambedkar,

Challenges you to know your worth.

He embraced Buddhism,

With a dream of Enlightened nation.

He was Ambedkar,

Left the dream incomplete for a purpose.

He became an idea,

For the future we hold,

He is Ambedkar,

Understand his efforts.

Jai Bhim


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