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An Illusion to the mind

Who am I?

What am I doing?

Why does it feel?

I am not worth living.

I don't want anyone,

I want to be alone,

Yet, I feel so lonely,

I wish I had someone.

How long should I struggle?

How long should I strive

How far is the end?

What's the point of life??

Tired or am I restless??

Can't resist my emotions.

Is death so worthy??

Why does life feel delusional??

Resisting with the smiles,

So fake feels the life,

Are substances, or the addictions,

needed to survive???

Anxious, insecure,

The lone and the sad,

Being submissive to the mind,

What must be the cure???

Being so progressive human,

why does end into depression??

Is there any solution,

How one can control the mind??

Take a deep breathe,

Calm down for a while,

With every single emotion,

a lesson you will find.

Look into thy nature,

you know your potentials

Explore the energies,

Practice and master your mind.

Just as a coin has two sides,

Everything in the life has it's dark side,

Balance emotions, expressions, balance thy nature.

Depression is an illusion to the mind.


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