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Battle of Bhima-Koregaon: An Untold Story

"We must break the chains, once and forever" - Dr. B R Ambedkar

Why did the Mahars,

hold their hands with the Britishers?

Why did they fought a battle,

with the Peshwas, their own countrymen??

Battle of Bhima Koregaon,

A revolution of its own,

why has it never been discussed

in the school history books???

Who invaded the country?

Who were the oppressors?

The Britishers?? The Mughals??

Or the Brahmin rulers??

History was brahmanized,

and so was the oppression,

Controlled the lives,

of the indigenous people.

Centuries of untouchablity,

Centuries of slavery,

Led to the struggle,

A revolution for the freedom.

'Bajirao Peshwa II'

was one of the oppressors,

led to the height of cruelty,

Horrifying the lives of untouchables.

For the freedom from untouchabilty,

The Mahars, offered a solution,

"Will fight by the side of Peshwas

and will conquer the Britishers"

'Sui cha toka itka suddha adhikar tumhala denar nahi'

(Even a pin point of right, won't be given to you.)

Said the Peshwa,

and denied their freedom.

Can't bear more of this untouchability,

There was a need of freedom,

Dated 1st January 1818

500 Mahars, revolted against and won over

28000 Peshwas soldiers.

The victory is recorded in the history,

Though not in academic books,

This was a glorious revolution against the oppression,

The bravery of the Mahars,

led to formation of the Mahar Battalion.

Happy Valor Day

Jai Bhim


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