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Dear Government - a letter by an outraged citizen

An outraged citizen
An outraged citizen
"I am an Indian firstly and lastly" - Dr. B R Ambedkar

Outraged as an Indian,

when I stepped on the streets,

I realized, it's not just about CAA/NRC

It's against the fascism and bigotry.

I stepped for my rights,

against the continuous sufferings,

call it Demonetization, GST, or this,

every-time normal lives turned to be chaotic.

Martyred are my fellow Indians,

injured, and too many causalities,

Why were peaceful demonstrations,

turned into war-like imagery??

How many more impositions,

on the basis of mere political majority???

a citizen's fundamental right,

should never be targeted.

What more amendments,

are there in planning??

Is reservation the next,

or you plan to bring Manusmriti??

Constitution is the pride,

of my secular, democratic country.

It's not the private property,

of your stupid political parties.

Whatever be my religion, or my caste,

or my gender, or my region may be.

I don't need to prove my citizenship.

I am an Indian, firstly and lastly.

Question yourself on your political identity,

work for the nation, not political ideology.

The economy, the education, the gender, the poverty,

whatsoever, our nation is under huge crisis.

Sooner, 71st Republic day will be celebrated,

More false truths, and more fake promises.

Outraged are we citizens, handle with proper responsibility,

but forget not, we are still a developing country.

Dear Government,

Revolution won't end,

I too am an Outraged Indian,

I stand with my fellow citizens.

Long live Revolution!!

Long live Unity!!!


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