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Dear Responsible Citizen

What kind of leader?? Do you seek?? Corrupted or criminal Politician do you need??

Who boasts about development, with fake truths and lies, who turns you a blind follower, and plays with your mind.

Who gives you hopes, of facilities and better life. Still who fails, in resources to apply??

Either the state or the central, You can see the misuses of power. Still you fear to act.. What kind of a citizen, if you are coward??

Does irrational and orthodox, politicians do we seek?? Democracy gives the power to choose, Why still the citizens are weak???

Politics is the field full of lies, Education can't play a role, unless you bribe.

Biased by religions, Divided by castes, Who decides the eligibility?? Of such a responsibility and power??

There is a need of change in eligibility. Age doesn't matter, What matters is a crimeless, an uncorrupted personality.

We don't need a leader, we need a representative. Unbiased, unreligious, a rational person, Will we ever see???


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