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Dilemma of a water drop.

"Mirror mirror, oh! You've been broken, so you've fallen. I wanted to help, but I have a question... why I can't be clean any more? and what is the cleanest thing left of all?"

"Well well, there is nothing, It would have been you, but the time has gone... In the name of development.. industries were formed.. In the quest of power.. You were spoiled by wars... In the name of faith... You have been coloured... Do you know, where's the fault???"

"Humans, right??"

"Well, no.. It's just you.. Your simplicity of being colorless Your power of being the origin of life.. Your stupidity in trusting the humans... You have been the faith of nature... But, you have betrayed the life."

"I apologize to the nature for the deeds and my crime, humans have to pay, there is no time... I still am powerful In the form of rains and tides... I hope dear nature, will be on my side"


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