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What isn't perfect?? What is not balanced?? Has ever nature been imperfect..?? Or is it we, who are imbalanced??

Emotions or feelings?? Duties or responsibilities.. Where is the satisfaction?? Which all we seek??

Look at Nature how beautiful and perfect it is!! The imperfection in it.. Is caused by human beings...

Aren't we super beings.. We are more clever, and thoughtful.. than other beings.. Still we lack always in some or other thing.

Where do we fit in Nature's perfect masterpiece..? When we conquer the nature and natural beings?

The expectations, the dependencies. competition and urge of satisfaction.. Is behind our imperfection.. Which makes us imbalanced beings.

I guess, we must understand The Mind and the Nature.. Not to be perfect, but to be balanced.. And prove ourselves as 'Sentient Beings'

Mitra ♥️


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