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India; The land of the Indigenous

The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India. - Dr. B R Ambedkar

The land of diversity,

beauty, ethnicity and cultures,

What must be the reason behind the name,

India that is Bharat??

Some say it's derived,

India from the river Indus

Some say it was given,

Hindustan in the language of Persians.

Or was it about the story

of Mahabharata?

Where once there was a king

named Bharata?

Well, leave these stories aside,

A simple question arises in mind,

Why do a native American tribe

is called as Red Indian??

Well if we have the Indus,

Why not just Red Indians,

but also many tribes all over the world,

are also called as Indians???

The Battle of the Ten Kings (1400 BCE),

A reference from the Rig Veda,

Why does it state,

The King Sudasa was from an indigenous tribe

namely Bharata??

How fascinating is the history,

with few stories and myths behind,

Name of country has changed several times,

Yet acquired the name from a tribe.

Well, concluding the points,

Bharata was an ancient tribe,

And so thus from the word indigenous,

The name India is derived.

I am a proud Indian,

to be born in the land of the indigenous,

I belong to the country,

India that is Bharat.


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