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Manusmriti Dahan (Burning of Manusmriti)

Who was Manu??

What is Manusmriti?

Why through the hands of Brahmin,

Dr. Ambedkar led the burning of Manusmriti???

Sumati Bhargava,

The Manu of that era

was a sage long time back in the history,

composed a book of law,

named as Manusmriti.

Originated the caste system,

the so called hierarchy,

The women were owned by men,

in the era of patriarchy.

Denial to education, water,

and several privileged facilities,

That was the beginning of

Social evils of untouchability.

Who revolted against the evils of system,

were punished and died

while others,

became the slave of mind,

and suffered in the slavery.

The impact of this book,

controlled the lives of people,

Unequal became the lives,

In such a cruel system.

Suffered in such a system,

Enlightened himself through education,

Dated 25th December 1927 at Mahad,

Dr. Ambedkar led the burning of Manusmriti.

Reciting the shlokas of cruelty,

every single page was burned publicly,

in the flames of revolution,

by the hands of a Brahmin.

Resembling the liberation of women,

and the abolition of caste system,

The burning of Manusmriti,

Was a revolution in the Indian history.


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