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Social Construct & The Binaries

Awake, Arise and Educate. Smash traditions. Liberate! -Savitribai Phule

What does it mean to be a man?

What does it mean to be a woman?

How has the society justified,

The Differences amongst them??

Is it on the basis of the sexes?

or is it on the basis of physical or mental strength??

Does really identifying the genitals,

Justifies the identity of being a male or a female?

Throughout history and the present,

There are phrases and slurs,

Women being considered w*tch, sl*t (etc.)

While in general used slurs like moth*rf*cker, don't be a p*ssy, or got no b*lls.

Mainly used to diminish the feminine gender,

I wonder,

How the society decided that man's b*lls,

are considered stronger than the vagina?

As balls being the weakest part of a male body,

while the vagina being the strongest women's part

which goes through unbearable menstrual and labour pain.

Why there are so-called feminine and masculine qualities??

Women to be considered sensitive, emotional and caring,

And men considered being strong, tough, courageous,

Definitely, it's the quality of motherhood that is assigned to femininity.

Ask yourself.

Can a man not be sweet, sensitive, vulnerable, dependent,

And a woman not be strong, tough, be independent, and have leadership qualities?

Though knowing the reality of the strength and qualities,

Why does society seek men in power,

while women are considered subordinate?

Men required to be tough and strong??

Why women are required to be sweet and sexy??

Several centuries have passed,

Why do we still find the inequality among the binaries??

How men are so progressive??

And why women are still struggling??

It is not that there has been no progress,

There are women who struggled, succeeded, and made a mark,

But the gender gap in general,

Is still the bigger picture.

Despite having equal qualities of human nature,

We have divided ourselves from each other,

Progressive and equal could have been both men and women,

Yet patriarchy feared the competition.

A man doesn't need to be strong, independent,

He can be sensitive and emotional..

A woman doesn't need to be considered subordinate or low,

As she is far more superior. She is the nature.

Happy Women's Day


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