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I can fly, I can read your mind, I have the power.. Of not growing old, and never die.

With the laser in the eyes.. with a multi-functional suit to fly.. I have unlimited power.. which never goes standby...

The tingle in the mind... to conquer the evils.. A feeling of pride.. Stronger than the devil..

The battle with the social illnesses... or with the problems, out of sight. I have the power... To be victorious in every fight..

I have a rational mind, No biasness, no envy. I have no gender, I am a sentient superbeing, who is always happy.

Flying over the clouds of imagination, A thunder struck by. I got out from the fiction, back to the life..

Day-dreaming, self as a super hero.. I woke up with a smile.. Imagination is all it takes, where such creativity lies.

I crafted, the dream.. structured and picturized.. My superbeing, went alive, lives the life.. In the people's mind...


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