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The Birth of Patriarchy

"Unity is meaningless without the accompaniment of women. Education is fruitless without educated women, and agitation is incomplete without the strength of women." - Dr. Ambedkar

What is patriarchy??

How did it become a norm??

If women have the gift to give birth,

Then how was patriarchy born??

Was the creator of the universe biased??

Or was it the nature's fault???

How did man became the strongest??

Why women is personified low???

Is there any proof in the history???

That can claim the inequalities,

of being a man or a woman

does have differences???

Besides the sexes,

what else is the difference??

who is the strongest or the weakest,

who was there to judge???

During the pre-historic era, patriarchy or matriarchy,

there had been no systems,

then definitely the institution of marriage,

should be responsible.

But, before the institution of marriage,

the institution of religions preceded.

That led to the rules, and differences,

and differentiated between man and woman.

Take any religion in the world,

Man will always be the superior,

While women, the inferior.

obligated always to serve, reproduce and please men.

Vedic Dharma is claimed, to be the oldest religion of the world,

before creation of any religion or religious scripture around the world,

Women being the inferior to all the Varnas, in the varna system

Is the ultimate cause.

The birth of religion is the ultimate tragedy, in the era of humankind,

Created the differences among man and woman,

and gave birth to patriarchy.

Women do conquer, struggle with patriarchy,

but will ever women conquer their religion,

and succeed to gain utmost equality???


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