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The Conflicts

Struggle to live, Struggle for the rights, When will the people end the fights?? How long will be there, the conflict between minds???

The differences in ideologies, the differences in faith, Divided and ruled by the differences, how many lives are on stake???

There is bloodshed, in oppression. There is bloodshed in revolt. In the neverending war between minds, which side do you belong???

Peace has been sacrificed, for the sake of power. The greedy, the envious Are you really humans???

When will you learn to believe in equity and equality?? When will you understand?? Life is about liberty and fraternity, not a game of hierarchy.

The future seems dark, Will the sun rise?? Will ever the conflicts end?? Will the dove fly???

Learn to be wise, moral and compassionate, Soon the consciousness will arise. An understanding, a discussion, will end the conflicts, will end the fights.

There will be a day, The dove will fly again, When you will wake up with a sentient mind.


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