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The Economy

What was the idea behind the Reserve Bank of India?? Has everything being compromised??? How worse is the situation?? When government took loan from an independent body??

Are the taxpayers not enough??? Or the government business has gone low?? Why the tours and treaties of the ministers, doesn't enrich the nation's economy??

Politics in the name of skills and employment, Have policies successfully dealt poverty?? Why even after 73 year of Independence, we are still a developing country??

Does wasting money on statues, is an example, that we are developing?? Why we never understand, the importance of economy??

Talk about corruption, or business of religions, Privatised health facilities or privatised education, Privatised is every necessity, and we lack in the proper service for people.

Questioning the government is the duty of every citizen, also having proper knowledge of economy, we can be a developed nation, If every citizen and the government understands it's responsibility.

Mitra ♥️

Texture of notes/currency on statue: an image from Google.


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