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The Evolution of Change

We believe in change,

which is natural, by the nature,

We believe in change,

a constant, continuous, gradual evolution.

But, what does change means to us?

to human nature??

Why do we seek change in people,

In system, in government, or anything/anyone around us

Isn't change a never-ending human desire????

If change is natural

Why do we say??

To bring change in the world,

Be the change first...

Can change really be controlled??

Is it in our hands...??

Nature has its own ways of change,

it's own way of evolution...

yet, human being the most evolved,

has no control over the changes in self,

in own nature...

We are evolved by greed, by desires,

or by uncontrolled emotions...

The changes we seek/desire is not for the evolution,

but for the self-comfort, or for our own favor.

Whatever ideology, whatever faith,

whatever culture, whatever thought we belong,

we don't seek change in ourselves,

we seek change in others,

for selfish or for ideal reasons.

If evolution means natural growth,

why do changes we seek are never evolved??

why we reject to accept the change in self??

but expect everything in our own favor??

There is a need for change...

In the world, in systems, in governments,

In people, in everything around us...

Yes, there is a need for revolution.

But, there is a need for evolution first.

The evolution of change in us,

is nothing about expectations or favors,

It is about the acceptance, the experience,

the learning, the growth, the evolution.

The day the change evolves to actions,

rather than the expectations.

The day you believe you can change,

rather than you keep wanting the change,

Is the evolution.

I found a quote, which said;

"You never change your life until you step out of your comfort zone:

Change begins at the end of your comfort zone" - Roy T. Bennett

I would rephrase it for the context.

"The Evolution of Change begins at the end of your comfort zone."

As changes exist naturally, and we adapt according to our favors, desires.

The evolution of change is what we need, for self, for others, and for revolution.


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