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The Glitch

"I want to be perfect" dictated my mind. "In the struggle of competition, I need to survive."

I want to be successful, I want to be satisfied. In the urge of perfection, I practiced, I strived.

I succeeded, to coerce over my mind. With pain, with efforts. I achieved great heights.

There was happiness, There was pride. But once the ego. Took over the pride.

It killed my happiness and my smiles. and hid the emotions, into fake smiles. "Success is mere a mirage" I yelled high. "I want back my happiness, and those smiles."

In the course of time, I heard a voice, "Compassion is better than competition" admired my life.

"Failures, teach the lessons, you need to learn. This success, is the glitch, you have earned."

It made a sense of enlightenment, a realisation to my mind. At last, it's not the perfection. Imperfection is the beauty of life.


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