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The Lost Democracy


The Land of Aborigines. Was democratic, once upon a time. Something peculiar happened when the first invaders arrived.

In the name of myths. They manipulated the tribes. In the name of caste. Dividing them, they created the lines. Those who stood against, either were killed, punished or bribed.

So long is the history. Of the legends who struggled and sacrificed. A preacher taught, the way of life 'the middle path' survived for a while Still under the invaders. Aborigines lost their pride.

Invaders were too invaded several times. Mixed culture was formed by the time. Several wars, sevaral fights. But the true history had lost it's light.

An era was formed, with a revolution inside. A desire of Independence was in everyone's mind.

A Conqueror, conquered the discrimination of those invaders, In the fight of Independence for the nation. He stood for the Independence of people.

Creating the law, He showed the light. Liberty, equality, fraternity. He gave the fundamental rights.

A democracy was formed. giving everyone equal rights, uplifting the downtrodden through reservation he continued his fight.

The time has changed. The situation is the same. In the name of Nationalism. Form of discrimination has been changed.

Be aware, be rational, be wise. Be conscious, and ready to fight. There is a need of 'The Lost Democracy' To revive.

P. S. In reminder of the resolution taken by Dr. Ambedkar on this day in 1917.


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