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The Maze

The Maze
The Maze

Have you ever felt?? Being lost in time??? Confused about existence In the maze of life??

What is the purpose?? What is this life?? Why is it difficult to get out, of the existential crisis.

Happiness, if is the purpose?? Where and how to find??? In materialism, in relationships?? Or in self, or by be a social being??

Expectations might hurt every time, no matter you choose whichever line. You will get affected by the questions of your existence and time.

The frustration, the confusion Why can't you just stop the time?? Is life a illusion, playing with your mind??

If nothingness is the answer, What's the point of life?? Is it just about, living and dying??

Why we need to be conscious?? When everything is known by the subconscious mind?? Life is a trap, it is a maze. And you are the slave of your mind.

Crack the pattern And choose to design. Be the Master And conquer the time.


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