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The Sentient Being

The Sentient Being,

what does it mean??

Is it something simple??

or something beyond reality??

Born as a so-called human,

we live our lives,

some being social,

some being an individual.

For what purpose,

do we live in a certain way??

Just for selfish reasons??

or it's because of any belief, tradition, or culture says??

We live in the world

with the billions of people,

different individuals,

yet have similar problems.

Mental, physical, personal, social,

Is anything balanced in life??

don't we just live by,

the way we are told??

We judge others,

we justify ourselves,

Is life just about,

proving beliefs or one's own self??

Why do we complain,

but never question??

Why don't we live the life,

a rational way??

What really matters,

for us merely as a human being??

What really matters,

for us as a social being??

Is life just a journey from birth to death,

just to pass by??

We have the power,

we have the potential,

to enlighten ourselves,

to live a sentient life.

One who merely lives life is a human,

One who merely lives in a society, in a culture is a social,

One who is conscious, one who enlightens self, and enlightens others

beyond the discrimination and selfish purpose is the sentient.

Life can be a purposeful,

it can be balanced,

one can master the mind,

if aspires to be the sentient.

The Sentient Being

It was the year 2008 when I was first introduced to the term 'sentient', which in Buddhist philosophy means to be conscious, aware, of the totality of life.

While in general terms sentient does means conscious, aware but it is limited to the senses, i.e. any living being which can respond, react by being conscious about its senses is what is called the sentient being.

I have evolved by the time in learning and understanding things and concepts in a different way. I usually think what have we achieved in life as human beings?? Where are we in today's scenario, are we living a better life? We live in world of misery, where happiness is just momentary, and what steps are we taking for a better life?

We all know about Buddha, sometimes I feel that Buddha is a mythical character, someone's imagination of a perfect human being, an example of how a person should live a life, a teacher, a guide who preaches the right way. When I was a kid, I used to think that Buddha was a female, but in society, he is represented as male. That is the quality of Buddha that one really cannot identify the gender, he/she is gender-neutral, and so does his/her order of monks and nun cannot really be identified by their gender. We designate him/her as the enlightened one, who achieved worldly knowledge, but I don't feel he/she is the enlightened one, but I feel he/she was beyond the enlightenment, he/she was a sentient, 'The Sentient Being'.

What does really Sentient Being mean? Can anyone be sentient? Is it necessary for one to be sentient? Let us understand the idea of living beings in my way. 'Human' word is just a term to differentiate us from other living beings such as animals, plants, etc. The basic idea of survival of humans is similar to other living beings, i.e. interdependent on nature and to live just for survival. When humans evolved they formed traditions, cultures, beliefs, society. They created boundaries, limitations, rules, regulations, and practiced them with one another, and became Social beings. As they became social beings, several social problems started arising, and social beings got divided and dependent on their own cultures, traditions, beliefs, etc. There is a competition, there is loneliness, and there is always a struggle. While struggling with life, social being evolves they try to practice or achieve attainment of Nibbana (free from sufferings). But the reason why it is hard for a social being to be a Sentient being is because of selfish motives. There is always an aspect of selfishness in social behavior and thus even if a social being attains Nibbana or attains Enlightenment, that would make no difference.

There is a reason why I say Buddha is Sentient, i.e. beyond Enlightenment, because, he/she preached what he/she practiced, what he/she learned, he/she was selfless, he/she wasn't just merely a social being. There were sentient beings earlier before Buddha, after Buddha whom we may know in some or other way. There still are sentient beings around me, around you, in between the herd of human beings and social beings. Who strive selflessly for a better society, who practice what they preach, who is carefree and not careless, who is free from discrimination.

I started my journey to be a Sentient being when I got my name changed officially to Mitra Swayamedeep. Which, means 'I devote myself in the belief of self-enlightenment with the rhythm of friendliness.' also the motto of my life.

Don't just be a human being or a social being, aspire to be a sentient being.

I aspire to be a sentient being.

Thank You for reading and being a part of my journey.


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