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The Purpose of Life

The purpose of life
The purpose of life

This is me,

That is mine,

Am I happy??

with all the desires??

Is life really a misery

from birth to death??

Or a vicious cycle

of unwanted karmic rebirths???

Numerous lives, numerous miseries,

Heaven or hell,

What was before the birth??

What is beyond death???

The attainment of moksha

is not the same as nirvana.

The peaceful mind, free from suffering, desires

Is what is called nirvana.

Is it really needed for one to be religiously spiritual,

or be enlightened, aware, sentient??

How one must conquer the sufferings???

Is there any end???

The conscious mind is aware of realities,

Yet we live in a world full of illusions.

Pain, happiness, time everything changes,

at last, the change is permanent...

One must have faith to be spiritual.

but do you have faith in yourself???

An enlightened, aware, sentient.

Are not spiritual..but have faith in one's own self.

Consciousness arises with experiences and realities,

There is no mystery nor miracle.

Yes, every action has its own reaction,

But are not the karmic results...

The long-gone past has nothing to do with the present,

Except for its knowledge and experience.

Vipassana is a mere tool to observe and develop self.

Not the end or an ultimate solution.

We are born through,

the four elements of nature,

We die, we blend, we dissolve,

in the womb of nature.

The purpose of life lies in 3 simple words,

Buddha, Dhamma, Sangha.

i.e. Educate, Agitate, Organise,

The journey from birth to death.

Everyone has their own choices,

Of faiths and belief systems.

Be wise.

But learn to be aware, enlightened, and sentient.


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