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The Sacrifice

A graphical representation of 'The Sacrifice'
A graphical representation of 'The Sacrifice'

Gruesome battle, fearful fight 'We can't win' screamed the Knight. Uphill the fort.. The enemies climbed. The Minister felt restless.. The King hid in shrine...

Bloodshed, the dead lives.. Feared the hostiles.. The Minister took in charge.. Ordered the Knight "Not to stop the fight"

Protecting the King.. Minister left the shrine... Entered into the battleground.. With a tricky smile..

The Bishop and the Rook.. Tangled the enemy in soldier's plight.. Several pawns fought, some sacrificed..

The Minister got caught by enemy. A question arised. Sacrifice, or kill and die??

The enemy's knight surrounded the Minister with a dagger knife. Meanwhile, as pawn sharply, reached the palisade.. The Minister chose to sacrifice.

The pawn took the charge... Blocking the enemy, with courage and pride. Conquering the enemy king, They won the fight..

"No war is won without a sacrifice, Hail the Queen" New Minister replied.


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