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The Signal

Innocent smiles, waiting on the signals. Seek your attention, with hope of happiness, and the hope of survival.

Migrated from the villages, In search of livelihood, Families staying on the street, Struggling for one time food.

Are the lands have been lost?? or have lost hope in agriculture?? Or is it because of someone, who showed them the greed of city, and a hope to earn??

We talk about poverty and illiteracy, but blame them about their lack of efforts. It is the lack of guidance, and lack of education, Which limited their life into small satisfactions.

Unease to interact, Unease to help, How will the nation develop?? If there will be hesitation.

It's not about the poverty, what we should blame about, It should be about the efforts Which we stand to take out.

Someone needs to be educated, Someone needs to explore the future. Someone with innocent smiles wait for you on several red signals.


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