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The Two Buddhas

"It is hard for mankind to liberate itself from the entanglement of god and soul. It is hard for mankind to give up its belief in rites and ceremonies. It is hard for mankind to give up its belief in karma" - Buddha

Do you know???

Who the Buddha was??

A man, a woman???

Or was he gender neutral??

Was he a god??

or the avatar of Vishnu???

A teacher, a preacher,

Or a revolutionary social reformer??

Why is he prayed as a god?

or known as the founder of religion???

Did he ever claim himself,

to be in that order???

It seems; there had been Two Buddhas all along..

In which, the majority has been following the other one.

The other Buddha,

Different from the enlightened one.

A learned observer, the sentient.

Must not he have observed pain or suffering till his youth??

Really?? with the visuals of an ill, old, dead, and a saint,

Led to the quest of Siddharth???

Bound to exile, was he for his thought;

‘War is not the answer,

when it can be solved with the peaceful agreement.’

to prevent the long going conflicts,

between the Shakyas and the Koliyas,

Began with asceticism,

looked for the answers to prevent suffering,

With several techniques learned,

He could not find the solutions in them.

Mantras, chanting, observing the breath or sensations,

Were not his form of meditation...

His meditation was an analysis of his experiences.

To prevent further suffering from happening.

He taught the technique

of the universal Eightfold Path...

To find the righteous,

with practice and experience.

A path to the attainment of Nibbana.

Simple, yet difficult to practice,

were his teachings,

Who did then led to the formation of sects,

Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, and other forms of Buddhism???

The doctrine of Karma & Rebirth

was reframed by Buddha as Kamma and Samsara.

Kamma is the natural order of morals,

Nothing related to the fortunes and misfortunes.

This constant change in us, around us, is the rebirth; the samsara.

As we are born every moment.

Ambedkar's interpretation of Budhha,

and his Dhamma as 'Navyana'

stands out different in the contradictions with different sects.

He studied Buddha's teachings which taught us to reason.

He revived the Buddha's dhamma; free from myths and superstitions.

It is your choice...

Of your interpretation of Buddha...

But be aware of the rights and wrongs,

Learn to question and learn to reason.


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