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The Vote of Equality

A graphical representation for 'The Vote of Equality'
A graphical representation for 'The Vote of Equality.'
"Political power is the key to all social progress" - Dr. Ambedkar

We have the choice to elect,

We have the choice to represent,

Dear citizens,

We are the power of democracy.

We are the backbone of the nation,

So long had been the struggle,

The struggle for representation,

And the struggle for equality,

Do we really understand??

Our vote is the vote of equality.

Inequality of castes, and its hierarchy,

Patriarchy and its norms of gender inequality.

Were annihilated by Ambedkar,

With his movements revolutionarily.

Remember the Round Table Conference,

Or the Poona Pact??

The Burning Of Manusmriti, or the Chavdar Movement??

He fought for our representation and equality.

He has not just fought for the basic rights or upliftment,

He drafted the constitution,

With the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity

and gave us democracy.

Lesser we know the fact,

The Election Commission Of India,

works on the foundation drafted by Ambedkar,

The Representation of The People’s Act 1950.

As he said,

Political power is the key to all social progress,

We must utilize the power to vote,

And vote wisely.

We have the power to vote to elect the leader,

We have the power to represent society in parliament and assembly.

It is because of Ambedkar,

We all are under the blue sky equally.


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