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Time & the loop of faith

Sometimes, I wonder,

How interesting that time must be,

When we started to recognize time.

And what if there wasn't the Sun??

The source of light.

Would we have been able to identify the existence of time??

The milliseconds to those infinite light years,

how far really there might be the journey of time?

But, still there does lies the question,

When was the beginning of time???

Maybe, earlier to the Big Bang,

Which is still not scientifically specified,

Still at some or other point of times,

Several faiths, regions have claimed their own beginning of time.

Well, if there are numerous of faiths,

numerous of calendars,

Julian, Roman, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic, and what not.

How did the Gregorian Calendar ended up (universally) in calculating the time?

Stuck in the loop of faith,

Every year we celebrate, different-different times.

Will ever the mind solve and universally accept??

The specific mystery behind time.


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