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Who was the legend?? Ram or Ravana?? In so called epic tale , of Valmiki's Ramayana,

Exile of the prince, Abduction of Sita, What caused that incident, led to the killing of Ravana??

A Love of Surpnakha, Or the desire for Laxmana?? Why the violence was left unseen, done on the sister of Ravana???

The queen of Ayodhya, Captivated in Lanka Waiting for the husband, Surprised by moral behavior of Ravana.

Praised for his intelligence, the powerful Ravana, killed in the battle, challenged by Rama.

A joy of happiness, End of Lanka, Question of purity, arrived in the mind of Rama.

To prove her purity, Sita went through agni pariksha, Though she was never, touched by Ravana.

The moral king of Lanka, Or the glorified Rama, Ramayana is a tale of Untouched abandoned queen of Ayodhya.

Celebrate Diwali Or burn Ravana on Dusshera, But question the tale, Or blindly follow the myth of Ramayana.


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