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Who are you?

Who are you? What is your name? Have you ever questioned? About the identity that you claim?

You have been known, not just by your name.. several times your identity.. has been changed..

You have been called by the title, or by the middle name, or surname. You have been called with several other distinctive ways.

Time has questioned your Identity several times... Is it true? That, the name you have Is never defined??

Even if you are known by name, Why does patriarchy, has to hold its fame?? Why doesn't a person known truly by it's name??

How many identities A person should claim?? Why can't a person have a simplistic neutral name??

Uniqueness of identity.. Is corrupted by several identifications.. Will you ever break the stereotypes And understand its importance..??

As a self, you are special No other identity should define you.. In your name, you should be resembled. You are independent, no identity confines you...


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