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Women's Liberation Day

Oh! Dear Woman,

Are you awaken??

Are you liberated??

Though manusmriti was burned...

The horrors of manusmriti,

the class division and patriarchy,

that led to discrimination,

inhumane behavior,

Oh woman, are you liberated??

The text that defined...

"Who a woman is,

How she should live,

and what are women's duties."

was burned on 25th December 1927,

so the women are liberated...

Oh woman, are you really liberated???

The text that engaged you,

in nothing but the religious practices..

that too not for self...

but for all the males in the family...

Oh! Woman, are you conscious about the reality???

Objectified as a sexual object,

Hitched you to the beautification of self...

Ornaments or the fancy dresses...

Are those really for yourself or your satisfaction??

Or are they for the male sexual fantasies??

Oh woman, aren't you awaken, from the horrors of patriarchy??

Who are you woman,

If not just merely a child-bearer???

To bring the only male successor,

for the in-law's lineage/ancestry.

Being married away, beholding the male caste identity..

Oh woman, do you even remember your true ancestry, your true identity??

Even though the manusmriti is burned,

and we live by the constitution...

Do you have the education??

Do you have the power of politics??

Oh woman, are you really obliged/obligated to take care of families??

The fasts, the rituals...

for the long life of husbands or any.

Are they really worth it???

What have been done for you dear woman??

Other than dowry, forced abortions, domestic violence in the family??

Oh, woman, is just survival under someone is your need???

Oh woman, you are called cunning,

you are called clever, you are called witch,

you are shamed for your sexual needs

if a man finds no motive in you.

You are called a diversion, distraction, a disgrace to society.

Oh woman, have you ever realized this??

Oh! Dear Woman,

Are you awaken??

Are you liberated??

Though manusmriti was burned...

The struggles, the fight,

for the self-esteem, for the pride.

is never going to end...

Can you fight the religion, the patriarchy??

The Constitution, gives the rights,

The Law protects you,

You have the power to get into the system.

To smash the patriarchy.

Oh, woman,

You are the light of yourself...

You are nature.

Fight for the liberation of self...

Be liberated.

Happy Women's Liberation Day.

Manusmriti Dahan Din.


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