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Dear Men

Dear Men,

I have a question for all,

and a question for self...

Can patriarchy really end??

We wish women,

(on Women's Day)

we celebrate them,

but do we know??

what does it mean,

to be a woman??

Haven't we stereotyped women,

in a certain way...

Defining them through religions and society,

and with our own patriarchal desires??

Don't we all have an ego??

Or belief of superiority in self,

and the privilege of being a man,

Isn't this the reason behind

the inequality and the difference???

Do we have rights,

over the life of a woman???

She has her own life, her choices,

but do we want her to be independent??

The sympathy, the empathy,

towards their life, or their struggles,

might be in existence,

But women are equal to us,

do we have that acceptance??

We all are the same...

respective of any gender,

Yet we seek authority...

To be powerful, to be great

to control femininity...

and the other genders.

No matter how woke one is,

No matter how conscious one is,

If one is in the society...

The wall of patriarchy stands

Man cannot pay his due,

The due of his birth by a woman,

unless he strives,

for the patriarchy to end.

No one can define a woman,

No one can control her,

A woman who herself is the nature,

There is no possession on her

a man can hold...

Dear Men,

Happy Women's Day

Dear Men; Women's Day Special

We all celebrate Women's Day every year on 8th March, but is it really about the celebration? Have women achieved the freedom they want, have they achieved acceptance in society? Women's Day, in the beginning, was not a celebration, it was a movement, a protest for their rights, for their protection, for their acceptance, for equality in western societies. Women did get rights, laws for the protection through constitution by their respective countries, but in reality, patriarchy still rules over the life of women. In homes, workspaces, or any other social institutions there is a presence of inequality, abuse, unacceptance, etc.

With a general perspective of men, if I say, wishing a woman on this occasion, giving a day for her feels like a formality, the truth of Women's Day is invisible, as all other days are still the same, everyone is back in their own superior self. Then what is the point of celebration? Even if I see through a general perspective of women, the day lacks its originality, originality of protest, social movement, of their own stand and is merely a celebration. Of course, it's Women's Day, and it's their choice however they want to celebrate, but isn't there a need of true celebration? Isn't there a need for a life without fear, without judgment? Isn't there a need for patriarchy to end?

Coming to the point should men be wished Women's Day, it is highly debatable, everyone will have their perspective, the majority would not like it as its a day for a woman, why a man should be wished. As I said it began as a movement, and it still should be practiced like that, this movement represents equality, be it a man or a person from LGBTQ, everyone is a part of the movement. Even if anyone isn't a part of movement that person too should be wished, I would like to share an example; a man wishes a woman, women wish each other, but if women wish men back, the first obvious reply by men is "you are a woman, it's your day".

We miss this point, this statement represents inequality, if men and women are equal, men shouldn't object towards the wish, there shouldn't be any difference, isn't it? The male ego is highly persistent and women are subordinate to him, and questions how can a man celebrate women's day.

There is a need for acceptance in society, there is a need for acceptance by everyone that all genders are equal. Once we treat everyone as equal, we together can break patriarchy. But, do men want to accept women as they are, do they want to end patriarchy?

There is only one society that sees no difference between men and women or any gender, i.e. Buddha's order of monks and nuns, if anyone observes them you will find no difference between them, their practice, their work, you won't be able to identify the gender the person belongs. That's the beauty of Buddha and his/her vision, can society ever practice that sense of equality? The life of wisdom, morality, compassion. We as a part of society are very far from that vision.

Also, read the poem 'Social Construct & The Binaries' a critique on patriarchal society.

Click on the title.

Thank You for reading.

Wishing you all Women's Day.

Just a last question, you celebrated Women's Day, but did you know the United Nations theme of Women's Day for this year??


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