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The Belief & Consciousness


What is it??

Are we conscious,

about it, or it's practice???

Religion or culture,

custom, ritual, nature,

or else the way of living,

why do we practice life,

in certain forms and beliefs??

Isn't it nothing

but the blind faith??

unquestioned and unexplored

way of living??

We are taught,

We are made to believe,

why are we conditioned,

in a certain way,

in a certain belief.

Shouldn't it be universal,

To unite everyone??

Why are there different beliefs,

why are there differences??

Is there any free will,

in the belief, we practice?

Why we aren't allowed to question??

Why is there no reasoning??

There is a difference,

between belief and what we believe,

belief is free from the reasons,

but a reason is to be found

for believing something.

We need to learn to be conscious,

about what we believe,

about the beliefs,

for the mind to be free.

The Belief & Consciousness

Usually, belief is generalized as a religious term/faith, or a moral opinion of acceptance or rejection of something, but in the end, there is no reason or truth behind the belief rather than the interest of a certain society. There are beliefs in name of religions, customs, rituals, even we have a belief in nature, but is there a need for such beliefs? Aren't we conditioned to believe anything or everything in a certain way? It's not about religion, it's about day-to-day life, what we practice, what we celebrate, the way we live, what we believe, what we think. Aren't we controlled by those beliefs? We say we are free, we are independent, but are our choices for ourselves? Why do we care about the thoughts of people in society? Though being individuals, are we really individuals? If we don't have questions, will we be conscious about the beliefs, about our own life?

Beliefs are practiced unintentionally, unknowingly, by many because of the way we are taught to live, and thus we have never questioned, and have never been conscious, aware of it. We never morally analyze our thoughts, actions, or belief. Isn't belief the root cause of our thinking and mindset? There is a reason why there are crimes, why there is inequality or discrimination. We are not aware of its practice in society, patriarchy, religion, politics, sexuality, or even in our own behavior because of the sets of beliefs that exist in society.

Do we need to morally correct ourselves on basis of the beliefs? Cannot we morally correct ourselves on our own?

I feel there are three sets of choices people can have when I think about this topic.

The first set is to have a belief of existence/non-existence of something or belief of something right/wrong which can be practiced forever in their life without questioning.

The second set of choices is to have belief in existence/non-existence, right/wrong about something, but with a tendency to reason, and question unless the truth is found.

The third set of choice is to not care about beliefs, just survive and care about nothing.

What is morally right, what is the middle path, what will be your choice?

Thank You for reading.

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