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  • A Love Story

    It feels emotional, It feels incomplete, Is it love? or a casual friendship?? Is it a strong affection? Or it's romantic? A confused heart, But still feels happy. Unexpressed emotions, to those deep insecurities, Why the moments together, only seems happy?? Indifferent places, to unmatched timings, Distance seems far, but heart feels connected. So impatient, Too many expectations, With hope and compassion, A heart needs attention. Express your heart out, Overpower your insecurities, Take a breath, Relation will be healthy. It is the friendship, which might seems incomplete. but the bond of hearts, makes the love complete. #emotions #love #lovestory #friendship #experimental #hopes #expectations

  • Superbeing

    I can fly, I can read your mind, I have the power.. Of not growing old, and never die. With the laser in the eyes.. with a multi-functional suit to fly.. I have unlimited power.. which never goes standby... The tingle in the mind... to conquer the evils.. A feeling of pride.. Stronger than the devil.. The battle with the social illnesses... or with the problems, out of sight. I have the power... To be victorious in every fight.. I have a rational mind, No biasness, no envy. I have no gender, I am a sentient superbeing, who is always happy. Flying over the clouds of imagination, A thunder struck by. I got out from the fiction, back to the life.. Day-dreaming, self as a super hero.. I woke up with a smile.. Imagination is all it takes, where such creativity lies. I crafted, the dream.. structured and picturized.. My superbeing, went alive, lives the life.. In the people's mind... #imagination #creativity #superhero #powers #idea #art #artwork

  • The Glitch

    "I want to be perfect" dictated my mind. "In the struggle of competition, I need to survive." I want to be successful, I want to be satisfied. In the urge of perfection, I practiced, I strived. I succeeded, to coerce over my mind. With pain, with efforts. I achieved great heights. There was happiness, There was pride. But once the ego. Took over the pride. It killed my happiness and my smiles. and hid the emotions, into fake smiles. "Success is mere a mirage" I yelled high. "I want back my happiness, and those smiles." In the course of time, I heard a voice, "Compassion is better than competition" admired my life. "Failures, teach the lessons, you need to learn. This success, is the glitch, you have earned." It made a sense of enlightenment, a realisation to my mind. At last, it's not the perfection. Imperfection is the beauty of life. #life #success #failure #time #imperfection #ego #happiness #glitch

  • The Maze

    Have you ever felt?? Being lost in time??? Confused about existence In the maze of life?? What is the purpose?? What is this life?? Why is it difficult to get out, of the existential crisis. Happiness, if is the purpose?? Where and how to find??? In materialism, in relationships?? Or in self, or by be a social being?? Expectations might hurt every time, no matter you choose whichever line. You will get affected by the questions of your existence and time. The frustration, the confusion Why can't you just stop the time?? Is life a illusion, playing with your mind?? If nothingness is the answer, What's the point of life?? Is it just about, living and dying?? Why we need to be conscious?? When everything is known by the subconscious mind?? Life is a trap, it is a maze. And you are the slave of your mind. Crack the pattern And choose to design. Be the Master And conquer the time. #existence #life #question #maze #crisis #humannature

  • Ahead of Time

    Far far, ahead of time. When I'll be old.. Won't be able to rhyme. Will travel the world... Instead of wasting time... Will share the stories... and share the smiles... Of happiness, Of the lessons, I learnt.. How the age and time was fun.. How success, never returned.. how failure, took the wrong turn.. Of the friendships, of the love.. and those struggles.. of the emotions... Will teach to be rational, to be wise.. Tell to be conscious.. rather than divine.. Precious will be those.. moments of life.. Which I hope to fulfill.. before I die.. Far far, ahead of time. When I'll be old.. and won't be able to rhyme.

  • Scrap

    Too many thoughts.. Too much work.. Lack of imagination.. What's the fun?? Ah! came an idea, but is it worth?? Let's try out.. Hope it works. A scribble.. A doodle.. Doesn't looks perfect.. Imagination seems tough.. The room is full of scrap Think, write.. Draw, erase.. Scratch, repeat.. Again, it's a scrap.. Hope the effort.. doesn't go in vain... I have lot to do... More ideas to gain... Creativity, at it's best can't leave it simple.. there's always a story, a secret behind every piece of work. It's the struggle.. behind every artwork.. too many ideas.. too much scratch.. Lot's of hardwork... #dedicated #artwork #artistsoninstagram #writers #poets #painters #struggles #imagination #creativity #doodle #scribble #scratch

  • I Hope You Smile

    Those hard goodbyes When you looked into eyes.. It felt like a long time.. When we just said hi.. Friendships which were left behind.. During the busiest times.. Still we feel connected.. Through, memories in mind.. The long walks, to those deep and casual talks, Which melted the hearts, and made our connections strong.. Those happy moments, to those silly fights, We all loved to cross the curfew time. Cultural programs, to those party nights, Sleeping in lectures, or just passing time. three years of journey, did bring smiles. Those amazing fieldworks.. A connection with the villagers.. Taught us to enjoy... The meaningful life.. Pluto or Amphi, or any other scene, we are just left with memories, Where once we felt homesick, now we feel paradise. #memories #smiles #tiss #happytimes #paradise

  • Dear Responsible Citizen

    What kind of leader?? Do you seek?? Corrupted or criminal Politician do you need?? Who boasts about development, with fake truths and lies, who turns you a blind follower, and plays with your mind. Who gives you hopes, of facilities and better life. Still who fails, in resources to apply?? Either the state or the central, You can see the misuses of power. Still you fear to act.. What kind of a citizen, if you are coward?? Does irrational and orthodox, politicians do we seek?? Democracy gives the power to choose, Why still the citizens are weak??? Politics is the field full of lies, Education can't play a role, unless you bribe. Biased by religions, Divided by castes, Who decides the eligibility?? Of such a responsibility and power?? There is a need of change in eligibility. Age doesn't matter, What matters is a crimeless, an uncorrupted personality. We don't need a leader, we need a representative. Unbiased, unreligious, a rational person, Will we ever see??? #politics #politicians #responsibility #rights #citizen #democracy #corruption #crime

  • The Sacrifice

    Gruesome battle, fearful fight 'We can't win' screamed the Knight. Uphill the fort.. The enemies climbed. The Minister felt restless.. The King hid in shrine... Bloodshed, the dead lives.. Feared the hostiles.. The Minister took in charge.. Ordered the Knight "Not to stop the fight" Protecting the King.. Minister left the shrine... Entered into the battleground.. With a tricky smile.. The Bishop and the Rook.. Tangled the enemy in soldier's plight.. Several pawns fought, some sacrificed.. The Minister got caught by enemy. A question arised. Sacrifice, or kill and die?? The enemy's knight surrounded the Minister with a dagger knife. Meanwhile, as pawn sharply, reached the palisade.. The Minister chose to sacrifice. The pawn took the charge... Blocking the enemy, with courage and pride. Conquering the enemy king, They won the fight.. "No war is won without a sacrifice, Hail the Queen" New Minister replied.

  • The Lost Democracy

    The Land of Aborigines. Was democratic, once upon a time. Something peculiar happened when the first invaders arrived. In the name of myths. They manipulated the tribes. In the name of caste. Dividing them, they created the lines. Those who stood against, either were killed, punished or bribed. So long is the history. Of the legends who struggled and sacrificed. A preacher taught, the way of life 'the middle path' survived for a while Still under the invaders. Aborigines lost their pride. Invaders were too invaded several times. Mixed culture was formed by the time. Several wars, sevaral fights. But the true history had lost it's light. An era was formed, with a revolution inside. A desire of Independence was in everyone's mind. A Conqueror, conquered the discrimination of those invaders, In the fight of Independence for the nation. He stood for the Independence of people. Creating the law, He showed the light. Liberty, equality, fraternity. He gave the fundamental rights. A democracy was formed. giving everyone equal rights, uplifting the downtrodden through reservation he continued his fight. The time has changed. The situation is the same. In the name of Nationalism. Form of discrimination has been changed. Be aware, be rational, be wise. Be conscious, and ready to fight. There is a need of 'The Lost Democracy' To revive. P. S. In reminder of the resolution taken by Dr. Ambedkar on this day in 1917.

  • Imbalanced

    What isn't perfect?? What is not balanced?? Has ever nature been imperfect..?? Or is it we, who are imbalanced?? Emotions or feelings?? Duties or responsibilities.. Where is the satisfaction?? Which all we seek?? Look at Nature how beautiful and perfect it is!! The imperfection in it.. Is caused by human beings... Aren't we super beings.. We are more clever, and thoughtful.. than other beings.. Still we lack always in some or other thing. Where do we fit in Nature's perfect masterpiece..? When we conquer the nature and natural beings? The expectations, the dependencies. competition and urge of satisfaction.. Is behind our imperfection.. Which makes us imbalanced beings. I guess, we must understand The Mind and the Nature.. Not to be perfect, but to be balanced.. And prove ourselves as 'Sentient Beings' Mitra ♥️ #nature #mind #empathy #thought #sentient #imperfection #imbalanced

  • 5 Minutes Halt!

    Hold on for a moment.. Take a breathe... And smile.. We all need moments... Some pauses.. From our busiest lives. For such moments.. Keep the emotions aside.. I bet, you will feel alive. Moments of exchange.. Between the two natures.. Simply share with smiles... Life doesn't give you pauses.. You have to be conscious and aware, to find. You never know in your journey.. how a 5 minute halt can bring wonderful smiles. Those moments are precious... You release the energy... Into positive vibes.. Try it once.. Mindfulness is a practice Of controlling the mind.. Take your moments, explore thy natures and feel the life. #nature #life #smiles #simplicity #breaks #halts #busylives #enjoy #moments #happiness

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