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  • The Vote of Equality

    "Political power is the key to all social progress" - Dr. Ambedkar We have the choice to elect, We have the choice to represent, Dear citizens, We are the power of democracy. We are the backbone of the nation, So long had been the struggle, The struggle for representation, And the struggle for equality, Do we really understand?? Our vote is the vote of equality. Inequality of castes, and its hierarchy, Patriarchy and its norms of gender inequality. Were annihilated by Ambedkar, With his movements revolutionarily. Remember the Round Table Conference, Or the Poona Pact?? The Burning Of Manusmriti, or the Chavdar Movement?? He fought for our representation and equality. He has not just fought for the basic rights or upliftment, He drafted the constitution, With the principles of Liberty, Equality, and Fraternity and gave us democracy. Lesser we know the fact, The Election Commission Of India, works on the foundation drafted by Ambedkar, The Representation of The People’s Act 1950. As he said, Political power is the key to all social progress, We must utilize the power to vote, And vote wisely. We have the power to vote to elect the leader, We have the power to represent society in parliament and assembly. It is because of Ambedkar, We all are under the blue sky equally.

  • The Broken & Ambedkar's Dream Of Enlightened India

    "Though, I was born a Hindu, I couldn't help the fact but I solemnly assure you that I will not die as a Hindu." -Dr. Ambedkar (13th October 1935 at Yeola, Nashik) Are you Dalit, Ambedkarite, Neo-Buddhist? Or just a blind follower of Ambedkar? Are you casteist, religious or anti-Ambedkar?? Or just a person who knows Ambedkar?? Do Ambedkar's struggles mean something to you?? Does his dream of Enlightened India, Has ever ignited the energy within or motivated you?? What Ambedkar has meant through the movement, have you understood?? Mook Nayak to Bahishkrit Bharat and from Janata to Prabuddha Bharat The name of newspapers itself represent Ambedkar's Vision. Why did Ambedkar state, 'Educate, Agitate and Organise'?? Did he mean to form different organizations?? Or to come together as one??? Different identities of today, have their own way of expression, It is progressive, It is impactful, Yet, don't you think, we have lost the purpose? Buddha, Jyotiba, Ambedkar, and so does other anti-caste social reformers, have not just fought for your rights, but also for the upliftment. Hence, inspired by their struggles, and Buddha's quote 'Bahujan Hitay, Bahujan Sukhay' Manyavar Kanshiram introduced the term 'Bahujan' The SCs, STs, OBCs together are the majority, We are the vote, we are the nation. Together is the struggle for unity, Together will be The Enlightened India. Jai Bhim P.S. I usually don't write any explanation, but I feel necessary to address the following issue. I have a critic, on the celebration of the term 'Dalit'. Ambedkar himself has never used the term, and though he struggled for equal rights for the depressed classes, he on the other hand also worked on several other unspoken issues. Why he is termed as Dalit leader? Celebrating April (Birth month of Ambedkar) as Dalit History Month does support the fact of Ambedkar being called Dalit. The term 'Dalit became popular by people coinciding Ambedkar's movement, as the term was used by Jyotiba Phule in his texts and speeches. Later in the 1970s, Dalit Panther a revolutionary organization was formed which made the term a socio-political, literary, and cultural symbol. As Ambedkar embraced Buddhism and emphasized the change in name and religion to conquer the oppression, prominent members including Raja Dhale (co-founder of Dalit Panther) themselves rejected the term Dalit as an identity. Raja Dhale advocated the term 'Ambedkarite' as a social and political identity. So why is the term 'Dalit still in existence?? Whereas 'DBA' (Dalit Bahujan Adivasi) a term is been very popular among the people in the movement. Why do we need such terms?? Bahujan itself is an umbrella term for SCs/STs/OBC. Bahujan in 'DBA' is a representation for several OBCs who are unprivileged, as there are many upper castes in OBCs and they can't be included in it. I have a question why we need to separate OBCs as Bahujan and Dalits and tribals as different communities. Buddha who quoted 'Bahujan Hitay and Bahujan Sukhay' where bahujan represents the majority. Manyawar Kanshiram too quoted Buddha's perception of Bahujan. 'Dalit' itself means broken, but through the poem, I want to point that we all are broken. We are not united, we have our own identities, agendas. The day we understand Ambedkar's vision, the day there will be movements together as one, as 'Bahujan', we will be close to fulfilling his dream.

  • Social Construct & The Binaries

    Awake, Arise and Educate. Smash traditions. Liberate! -Savitribai Phule What does it mean to be a man? What does it mean to be a woman? How has the society justified, The Differences amongst them?? Is it on the basis of the sexes? or is it on the basis of physical or mental strength?? Does really identifying the genitals, Justifies the identity of being a male or a female? Throughout history and the present, There are phrases and slurs, Women being considered w*tch, sl*t (etc.) While in general used slurs like moth*rf*cker, don't be a p*ssy, or got no b*lls. Mainly used to diminish the feminine gender, I wonder, How the society decided that man's b*lls, are considered stronger than the vagina? As balls being the weakest part of a male body, while the vagina being the strongest women's part which goes through unbearable menstrual and labour pain. Why there are so-called feminine and masculine qualities?? Women to be considered sensitive, emotional and caring, And men considered being strong, tough, courageous, Definitely, it's the quality of motherhood that is assigned to femininity. Ask yourself. Can a man not be sweet, sensitive, vulnerable, dependent, And a woman not be strong, tough, be independent, and have leadership qualities? Though knowing the reality of the strength and qualities, Why does society seek men in power, while women are considered subordinate? Men required to be tough and strong?? Why women are required to be sweet and sexy?? Several centuries have passed, Why do we still find the inequality among the binaries?? How men are so progressive?? And why women are still struggling?? It is not that there has been no progress, There are women who struggled, succeeded, and made a mark, But the gender gap in general, Is still the bigger picture. Despite having equal qualities of human nature, We have divided ourselves from each other, Progressive and equal could have been both men and women, Yet patriarchy feared the competition. A man doesn't need to be strong, independent, He can be sensitive and emotional.. A woman doesn't need to be considered subordinate or low, As she is far more superior. She is the nature. Happy Women's Day

  • The Birth of Patriarchy

    "Unity is meaningless without the accompaniment of women. Education is fruitless without educated women, and agitation is incomplete without the strength of women." - Dr. Ambedkar What is patriarchy?? How did it become a norm?? If women have the gift to give birth, Then how was patriarchy born?? Was the creator of the universe biased?? Or was it the nature's fault??? How did man became the strongest?? Why women is personified low??? Is there any proof in the history??? That can claim the inequalities, of being a man or a woman does have differences??? Besides the sexes, what else is the difference?? who is the strongest or the weakest, who was there to judge??? During the pre-historic era, patriarchy or matriarchy, there had been no systems, then definitely the institution of marriage, should be responsible. But, before the institution of marriage, the institution of religions preceded. That led to the rules, and differences, and differentiated between man and woman. Take any religion in the world, Man will always be the superior, While women, the inferior. obligated always to serve, reproduce and please men. Vedic Dharma is claimed, to be the oldest religion of the world, before creation of any religion or religious scripture around the world, Women being the inferior to all the Varnas, in the varna system Is the ultimate cause. The birth of religion is the ultimate tragedy, in the era of humankind, Created the differences among man and woman, and gave birth to patriarchy. Women do conquer, struggle with patriarchy, but will ever women conquer their religion, and succeed to gain utmost equality???

  • An Illusion to the mind

    Who am I? What am I doing? Why does it feel? I am not worth living. I don't want anyone, I want to be alone, Yet, I feel so lonely, I wish I had someone. How long should I struggle? How long should I strive How far is the end? What's the point of life?? Tired or am I restless?? Can't resist my emotions. Is death so worthy?? Why does life feel delusional?? Resisting with the smiles, So fake feels the life, Are substances, or the addictions, needed to survive??? Anxious, insecure, The lone and the sad, Being submissive to the mind, What must be the cure??? Being so progressive human, why does end into depression?? Is there any solution, How one can control the mind?? Take a deep breathe, Calm down for a while, With every single emotion, a lesson you will find. Look into thy nature, you know your potentials Explore the energies, Practice and master your mind. Just as a coin has two sides, Everything in the life has it's dark side, Balance emotions, expressions, balance thy nature. Depression is an illusion to the mind.

  • Time & the loop of faith

    Sometimes, I wonder, How interesting that time must be, When we started to recognize time. And what if there wasn't the Sun?? The source of light. Would we have been able to identify the existence of time?? The milliseconds to those infinite light years, how far really there might be the journey of time? But, still there does lies the question, When was the beginning of time??? Maybe, earlier to the Big Bang, Which is still not scientifically specified, Still at some or other point of times, Several faiths, regions have claimed their own beginning of time. Well, if there are numerous of faiths, numerous of calendars, Julian, Roman, Chinese, Hindu, Islamic, and what not. How did the Gregorian Calendar ended up (universally) in calculating the time? Stuck in the loop of faith, Every year we celebrate, different-different times. Will ever the mind solve and universally accept?? The specific mystery behind time.

  • India; The land of the Indigenous

    The sovereignty of scriptures of all religions must come to an end if we want to have a united integrated modern India. - Dr. B R Ambedkar The land of diversity, beauty, ethnicity and cultures, What must be the reason behind the name, India that is Bharat?? Some say it's derived, India from the river Indus Some say it was given, Hindustan in the language of Persians. Or was it about the story of Mahabharata? Where once there was a king named Bharata? Well, leave these stories aside, A simple question arises in mind, Why do a native American tribe is called as Red Indian?? Well if we have the Indus, Why not just Red Indians, but also many tribes all over the world, are also called as Indians??? The Battle of the Ten Kings (1400 BCE), A reference from the Rig Veda, Why does it state, The King Sudasa was from an indigenous tribe namely Bharata?? How fascinating is the history, with few stories and myths behind, Name of country has changed several times, Yet acquired the name from a tribe. Well, concluding the points, Bharata was an ancient tribe, And so thus from the word indigenous, The name India is derived. I am a proud Indian, to be born in the land of the indigenous, I belong to the country, India that is Bharat.

  • Ambedkar

    "Though, I was born a Hindu, I couldn't help the fact but I solemnly assure you that I will not die as a Hindu." -Dr. Ambedkar (13th October 1935 at Yeola, Nashik) Though born as a Hindu, One denied to die as a Hindu, Who was Ambedkar? Who shook the brahmanical system? He struggled, he cried, Though strangled in the castiest oppression. He was Ambedkar, Who didn't stop, and continued his fight. He knew the weapons, Education, and the power of the pen. He was Ambedkar, The highest qualified. He studied, he strived, Sacrificed his own children for several downtrodden, He was Ambedkar, A revolutionary, selfless from inside. He challenged the inequalities, Questioned the societal norms and rituals, He was Ambedkar, The leader of voiceless (Mooknayak). He became the first law minister, Debated and fought for human rights. He was Ambedkar, The chief architect of the Indian Constitution. He wrote, he delivered, The knowledge he earned, He was Ambedkar, Challenges you to know your worth. He embraced Buddhism, With a dream of Enlightened nation. He was Ambedkar, Left the dream incomplete for a purpose. He became an idea, For the future we hold, He is Ambedkar, Understand his efforts. Jai Bhim

  • Her Story

    "We shall overcome and success will be ours in the future. The future belongs to us." - Savitri Bai Phule I wonder, where is she?? what might be her story?? Is she forgotten?? or does she remains a mystery?? Why did the past, is proclaimed by the patriarchy? Is his story only today known as the history?? Was biological characteristic enough?? to introduce gender inequality?? Where was the difference?? What did and they do fear?? is it her power, or her progress?? Let it be the roles, or her responsibilities. Without her presence, there couldn't be any history. Unrecognized is her life, her efforts, and her sacrifices, We forgot, we are born from her, and she holds the superiority. Her story can never be in history. As she is the present for forever. Have a look around yourself, 'Her story' is never ending and is being written. Recognize the present, recognize her, you will realize what are you without her, Only then you will know. How to respect her.

  • Battle of Bhima-Koregaon: An Untold Story

    "We must break the chains, once and forever" - Dr. B R Ambedkar Why did the Mahars, hold their hands with the Britishers? Why did they fought a battle, with the Peshwas, their own countrymen?? Battle of Bhima Koregaon, A revolution of its own, why has it never been discussed in the school history books??? Who invaded the country? Who were the oppressors? The Britishers?? The Mughals?? Or the Brahmin rulers?? History was brahmanized, and so was the oppression, Controlled the lives, of the indigenous people. Centuries of untouchablity, Centuries of slavery, Led to the struggle, A revolution for the freedom. 'Bajirao Peshwa II' was one of the oppressors, led to the height of cruelty, Horrifying the lives of untouchables. For the freedom from untouchabilty, The Mahars, offered a solution, "Will fight by the side of Peshwas and will conquer the Britishers" 'Sui cha toka itka suddha adhikar tumhala denar nahi' (Even a pin point of right, won't be given to you.) Said the Peshwa, and denied their freedom. Can't bear more of this untouchability, There was a need of freedom, Dated 1st January 1818 500 Mahars, revolted against and won over 28000 Peshwas soldiers. The victory is recorded in the history, Though not in academic books, This was a glorious revolution against the oppression, The bravery of the Mahars, led to formation of the Mahar Battalion. Happy Valor Day Jai Bhim

  • Manusmriti Dahan (Burning of Manusmriti)

    Who was Manu?? What is Manusmriti? Why through the hands of Brahmin, Dr. Ambedkar led the burning of Manusmriti??? Sumati Bhargava, The Manu of that era was a sage long time back in the history, composed a book of law, named as Manusmriti. Originated the caste system, the so called hierarchy, The women were owned by men, in the era of patriarchy. Denial to education, water, and several privileged facilities, That was the beginning of Social evils of untouchability. Who revolted against the evils of system, were punished and died while others, became the slave of mind, and suffered in the slavery. The impact of this book, controlled the lives of people, Unequal became the lives, In such a cruel system. Suffered in such a system, Enlightened himself through education, Dated 25th December 1927 at Mahad, Dr. Ambedkar led the burning of Manusmriti. Reciting the shlokas of cruelty, every single page was burned publicly, in the flames of revolution, by the hands of a Brahmin. Resembling the liberation of women, and the abolition of caste system, The burning of Manusmriti, Was a revolution in the Indian history.

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