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  • Dear Government - a letter by an outraged citizen

    "I am an Indian firstly and lastly" - Dr. B R Ambedkar Outraged as an Indian, when I stepped on the streets, I realized, it's not just about CAA/NRC It's against the fascism and bigotry. I stepped for my rights, against the continuous sufferings, call it Demonetization, GST, or this, every-time normal lives turned to be chaotic. Martyred are my fellow Indians, injured, and too many causalities, Why were peaceful demonstrations, turned into war-like imagery?? How many more impositions, on the basis of mere political majority??? a citizen's fundamental right, should never be targeted. What more amendments, are there in planning?? Is reservation the next, or you plan to bring Manusmriti?? Constitution is the pride, of my secular, democratic country. It's not the private property, of your stupid political parties. Whatever be my religion, or my caste, or my gender, or my region may be. I don't need to prove my citizenship. I am an Indian, firstly and lastly. Question yourself on your political identity, work for the nation, not political ideology. The economy, the education, the gender, the poverty, whatsoever, our nation is under huge crisis. Sooner, 71st Republic day will be celebrated, More false truths, and more fake promises. Outraged are we citizens, handle with proper responsibility, but forget not, we are still a developing country. Dear Government, Revolution won't end, I too am an Outraged Indian, I stand with my fellow citizens. Long live Revolution!! Long live Unity!!!

  • The Conspiracy

    Unconstitutional measure, amendment takes place, nationwide protests, several lives at stake. What is this fight for? What is the reality?? All over the country, Why so much causalities? Is it just about a religion? or about the castes? is it about any culture? let me ask. CAB, CAA are merely just steps, Violating the constitution, Formation of NRC, Your citizenship at risk. Divide and rule, excluding a religion, gained the sympathy, of the Bhakts and illegal immigrants. Look back in the history of Assam, implementation of NRC, Several unproven citizens, irrespective of their religion, are going through detention. What is the future, of the unproven citizenship of citizens?? irrespective of their religion, their identity. My country is secular, My country is democratic, still people in rural areas, several castes and tribes are uneducated. What is the proof of ancestral citizenship? of affected in natural calamities? of those uneducated, who never understood the importance of maintaining documents? The conspiracy of the fascist government, Aims for the hindu nationalism. Detaining the minorities, representing the casteism. This is the time for the fight, for the revolt, to be conscious, and unite for all. Stand against the Manuwad, or the nation will fall. Protests are needed, what more needed is the legal procedure and understanding of law. as 'Article 32' of the Indian constitution, provides the constitutional remedies.

  • A dream to Columbia

    Why should I struggle?? Why should I fight?? It's not my duty, Not my right. There is a dream of education, A desire to rise, Why everyone wants to be wealthy, Just to survive??? What about the struggles of Ambedkar?? What about his fights for your rights?? Would you have survived in the dung of casteist life?? The privileged are we, born in an Independent India, He provided us the democracy, And gave the fundamental rights. He went to London, He went to Columbia, Mastered in Economy and many, But was a Master of mind. Determined was his aim, For an enlightened India, Sent students abroad for education, To make a better India. Yet not stopped his struggle, His revolution, and fight, He embraced Buddhism, and Enlightened millions of lives. He is the answer, Why you need to struggle, and why you need to fight. As he said, Educate, Agitate and Organise. Struggle for your duties, Fight for your rights, There is Ambedkar in you, Have a dream to Columbia. Study abroad, and struggle for enlighten India.

  • The Economy

    What was the idea behind the Reserve Bank of India?? Has everything being compromised??? How worse is the situation?? When government took loan from an independent body?? Are the taxpayers not enough??? Or the government business has gone low?? Why the tours and treaties of the ministers, doesn't enrich the nation's economy?? Politics in the name of skills and employment, Have policies successfully dealt poverty?? Why even after 73 year of Independence, we are still a developing country?? Does wasting money on statues, is an example, that we are developing?? Why we never understand, the importance of economy?? Talk about corruption, or business of religions, Privatised health facilities or privatised education, Privatised is every necessity, and we lack in the proper service for people. Questioning the government is the duty of every citizen, also having proper knowledge of economy, we can be a developed nation, If every citizen and the government understands it's responsibility. Mitra ♥️ Texture of notes/currency on statue: an image from Google.

  • The Light

    "They cannot make history, who forget history" - Dr. Ambedkar What does it represents?? A victory or a plight?? A festival of celebration?? Or the struggle for rights?? A belief of religion, or some moments of smile, Does this light too have a dark side?? The dusk of enlightenment, when it was on rise, Why the ordained were beheaded? What was the reason behind?? Why was the Nalanda burnt, for continuous six months alive?? Is there any answer?? about the history's dark side?? Camouflaged with the myths, A Religion have rised, Unquestioned is the history, in the celebration of light. Let it be your faith, Or just the reason of your delight, Atleast, during the celebration, Respect the nature, Do not pollute the life.

  • Untouched

    Who was the legend?? Ram or Ravana?? In so called epic tale , of Valmiki's Ramayana, Exile of the prince, Abduction of Sita, What caused that incident, led to the killing of Ravana?? A Love of Surpnakha, Or the desire for Laxmana?? Why the violence was left unseen, done on the sister of Ravana??? The queen of Ayodhya, Captivated in Lanka Waiting for the husband, Surprised by moral behavior of Ravana. Praised for his intelligence, the powerful Ravana, killed in the battle, challenged by Rama. A joy of happiness, End of Lanka, Question of purity, arrived in the mind of Rama. To prove her purity, Sita went through agni pariksha, Though she was never, touched by Ravana. The moral king of Lanka, Or the glorified Rama, Ramayana is a tale of Untouched abandoned queen of Ayodhya. Celebrate Diwali Or burn Ravana on Dusshera, But question the tale, Or blindly follow the myth of Ramayana.

  • Rejoice

    Oh!! dear happiness. Where are you?? In the midst of chaos, I am in search of you. In hopes and sacrifices, In the shades and hues, Are you in cheerful memories?? or in the blues?? In moments of smiles, In some sorrows few, change is responsible, for the rare presence of you. Stay with everyone forever Everyone seeks you, Constant is the love for happiness, there is hope from you, "Rejoice from the hearts, Accept the blues, I am the happiness, I lie inside you." Let it be the sorrows, or the smiles. Believe in yourself Happiness you will find. #happiness #rejoice #emotions #love #nature #believe #hopes

  • Dhamma vs Dharma

    "History of India is nothing but the conflict between Buddhism and Brahmanism" - Dr. Ambedkar Dhamma vs Dharma Why does the religion, has the basis of myths?? What kind of history splitted amongst good and evil??? Who are the gods?? Who are the devils?? Is there any proof They really existed??? Existed the humans, in the form of races, Whose cultures and lifestyles, were turned into hierarchy. The fear of religion, The superstitions and the myths, are the false way of living, challenged a revolutionary. Feared the hegemony, by the enlightenment, buried the truth and the teachings Conspiracy of religion, in form of rituals and festivals turned the mind into slavery. Revived the democracy, with the unstoppable wheel of Dhamma Inscribed truths, and teachings came known to the world through the rock edicts of Ashoka. There is nothing good nor evil. Its all about the neverending conflict between The Dhamma versus the Dharma. What ristricts your questions and reasoning. and compels you to follow the religion Is the Dharma, What gives you freedom to reason with the belief of living the life with Wisdom, Morality and Compassion Is the Dhamma. #latepost #ashokavijayadashmi #buddhism #ambedkarism #revolution #enlightenment #conflict #dhamma

  • Imposed

    What rights you want to talk about?? Who is there to listen?? Judiciary has became the puppet, of the so called government. Whether you talk about demonetization, or the recent repealing of Article 370, We forgot, majority chose the dictators, who decided on such impositions. Within a day, laws come into effect, challenging your fundamental rights, minorities, dalits, tribals, women and social activists, are struggling to fight. If in a day a government can impose law and pass the bills. Why don't they choose to end poverty and crime? Why citizens are struggling, in their daily life?? What about the mob lynchings? What about the rapes?? What is the fault of Kashmiri children in custody?? What about the peaceful protestors whom they take?? Economy has fallen, development is at stake, The government and judiciary, oppress the citizens. Still "Everything is fine" in several languages the Prime Minister says?? Dear citizens, take your stand, before you loose your rights, Revolution struggles for the freedom, Revolt against the imposed Nationalism and unite. #imposed #nationalism #judiciary #law #government #fascism #revolution #struggle #fundamentalrights

  • The Hunt

    Despite of the fact, Of the environment concerns, A hunt has began, on the nature.. Why the game of politics, on the rules of nature?? Struggles, the protests, forcefully ceased by the oppressors. Safeguarding the environment, is the right of every individual, What kind of government?? Which doesn't understand the importance. Smart cities, Metro cities are the progress and development of nation??? What about the future?? when the nature will affect the humans?? The dangerous days and night, Are yet to begun. atmosphere will take away your breathe and the wild will begin to hunt. There is time, To respect and understand the nature. No technology, no humanity, no religion can win the war with Nature. #arreyforest #nature #protect #wild #technology #metro #cities #war #developmemt #makeinindia #hunt #manvswild #manvsnature #mumbai #mmrc

  • The Signal

    Innocent smiles, waiting on the signals. Seek your attention, with hope of happiness, and the hope of survival. Migrated from the villages, In search of livelihood, Families staying on the street, Struggling for one time food. Are the lands have been lost?? or have lost hope in agriculture?? Or is it because of someone, who showed them the greed of city, and a hope to earn?? We talk about poverty and illiteracy, but blame them about their lack of efforts. It is the lack of guidance, and lack of education, Which limited their life into small satisfactions. Unease to interact, Unease to help, How will the nation develop?? If there will be hesitation. It's not about the poverty, what we should blame about, It should be about the efforts Which we stand to take out. Someone needs to be educated, Someone needs to explore the future. Someone with innocent smiles wait for you on several red signals.

  • The Conflicts

    Struggle to live, Struggle for the rights, When will the people end the fights?? How long will be there, the conflict between minds??? The differences in ideologies, the differences in faith, Divided and ruled by the differences, how many lives are on stake??? There is bloodshed, in oppression. There is bloodshed in revolt. In the neverending war between minds, which side do you belong??? Peace has been sacrificed, for the sake of power. The greedy, the envious Are you really humans??? When will you learn to believe in equity and equality?? When will you understand?? Life is about liberty and fraternity, not a game of hierarchy. The future seems dark, Will the sun rise?? Will ever the conflicts end?? Will the dove fly??? Learn to be wise, moral and compassionate, Soon the consciousness will arise. An understanding, a discussion, will end the conflicts, will end the fights. There will be a day, The dove will fly again, When you will wake up with a sentient mind. #peace #war #conflicts #minds #wise #compassion #moral #consciousness

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